YU-IJC Yamagata University Inkjet Development Center


About the Center

About the Center

Inkjets, which can precisely jet ink droplets of a diameter at a fraction of human hair and at an invisible size, so as to freely draw images and patterns having millions, tens of millions, or hundreds of millions of dots, is much like some type of “magic pen.”

As the first open inkjet research & development hub in Japan, the Yamagata University Inkjet Development Center explores infinite possibilities of inkjet, and, by pursuing technology for commercialization, the center tackles the birth of various innovations, ranging from the domains of manufacturing to services. Through collaboration and partnerships with Japanese and overseas companies and institutions, we promote the development of inkjet technology through open innovation.

Objectives of the establishment of the Inkjet Development Center

Promote open innovation-based technological developments as the first open inkjet research & development hub (IJ-HUB) in Japan.

  • Offer underlying technologies for new inkjet applications.
  • Realize an efficient development environment by establishing a theory for and the systematization of inkjets, not dependent on know-how.
  • Tackle standardization that accelerates technological deployments.
  • Build Japanese and overseas human networks for collaboration.