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The 9th Germany-Japan Joint Online Workshop

The 9th Germany-Japan Joint Online Workshop

The 9th Germany-Japan Joint Workshop
“Flexible, Printed Electronics and Sensors” February 26th 2021
German time 08:30-11:30, Japanese time 16:30-19:30

Organizers: Saxony Economic Development Corporation, Organic Electronics Saxony, 
Yamagata University
Venue: Online Virtual Workshop

Keynote Session  08:30 – 09:30 CET / 16:30 – 17:30 JST
08:30 CET/16:30 JST Welcome remarks by Thomas Horn, Managing Director Saxony Economic Development Corporation
08:35 CET/16:35 JST  Guest greetings by Dr. Lothar Mennicken, Counsellor for Science and Technology, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Tokyo
08:40 CET/16:40 JST

Prof. Karl Leo
Dresden Integrated Center for Applied Physics and Photonic Materials (IAPP) – Technische Universität Dresden
“Organic Sensors and Transistor for Novel Applications”
09:05 CET/17:05 JST

Prof. Junji KIDO
Frontier Center for Organic Materials (FROM) – Yamagata University
“OLEDs in COI Project”

Parallel Sessions 09:30-10:30 CET / 17:30-18:30 JST

Japan Session

09:30 CET/17:30 JST 

Junichi YANO, MORESCO Corporation “Flexible OPV Wet process”

09:45 CET/17:45 JST Yuki WAKIYAMA, Nishimu Electronics Industries CO., LTD“Agricultural IT Sensor “MIHARAS” That Solves Agricultural Problems”
10:00 CET/18:00 JST

Kosuke TOMITA, Toshiyuki OHNO, NEXVISION TECHNOLOGIES, “Startup Opportunities in Mobility Sector”

10:15 CET/18:15 JST 

Hideaki DAIKO, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation, “Global rapid growth market and expectations for new devices”

Germany Session

09:30 CET/17:30 JST Konstantin Livanov, ORELTECH GmbH“Plasma metallization: the future of printed electronics” 
09:45 CET/17:45 JST  Florian Ullrich, InnovationLabs“Digitalization of dentalcare with our printed organic sensors”
10:00 CET/18:00 JST Sebastian Gepp, Freudenberg Industrie Siebdruck GmbH“Applications utilizing Flexible Electronics and Screen Printing”
10:15 CET/18:15 JST Michael Wöltje, ITM – TU Dresden“Textile sensor structures and resorbable substrates for medical device development”

Poster Sessions & Networking 10:30 – 11:30 CET / 18:30 – 19:30 JST
10:30 CET/18:30 JST Dr. Dominik Gronarz, OES, Introduction in Poster Session “Joint Japanese-German Collaboration”
10:35 CET/18:35 JST

Explanation of Breakout Sessions

10:40 CET/18:40 JST 1st  round of Poster Session – 20 min
R1-01. Prof. Karl Leo, IAPP TU Dresden (Q&A with Keynote speaker)
R1-02.  Sebastian Gepp, Freudenberg Industrie Siebdruck GmbHQ&A with German Session speaker
R1-03.  Dr. Florian Ullrich, InnovationLab (Q&A with German Session speaker)
R1-04. Kosuke TOMITA, Toshiyuki OHNO, NEXVISION TECHNOLOGIES(Q&A with Japan Session speaker)
R1-05. Junichi YANO, MORESCO Corporation (Q&A with Japan Session speaker)
R1-06. Adenso, Maria Esche, “Roll-to-Roll solutions for flexible electronics – free form electronics and ultrathin glass sensors”
R1-07. EMBEGA S. Coop., Iñaki Braco, “EMBEGA Functional Screen Printing Expertise”
R1-08. Heliatek, Dr. Karsten Walzer, “Large Area Organic Lighting Applications (LAOLA)on flexible ultra-thin glass”
R1-09. Fraunhofer IWS, Dr. Wulf Grählert, “Accelerated Barrier Measurement”
R1-10. IMAZ Technology Innovation, Dr. Maziar Ahmadi, “SmartGlove Optimal health monitoring system”
R1-11. Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd. David Dewey, “DOTITE Stretchable Pastes – Challenges and Evolution”
R1-12. General Co., Ltd., Masaru YAMASHITA, “Further possibility of RFID – Introduction of Bolt & Screw RFID tags”
R1-13. Yamagata University, Prof. Takeshi SANO, “Semitransparent and multicolor organic solor cells”
R1-14. Saxony Economic Development Corporation “Networking Room”, Kurando OGI,“The favorite European technology trade hub”
R1-15. ELANTAS, Mark Abendroth, New Developments of ELANTAS in the field of conductive and insulation inks”
11:00 CET/19:00 JST 5 min Break
11:05 CET/19:05 JST 2nd round of Poster Session – 20 min 
R2-01. Prof. Junji KIDO, FROM Yamagata University (Q&A with Keynote speaker)
R2-02. Hideaki DAIKO, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (Q&A with Japan Session speaker)
R2-03. Yuki WAKIYAMA, Nishimu Electronics Industries Co., Ltd(Q&A with Japan Session speaker)
R2-04.  Dr. Michael Wöltje, ITM TU Dresden (Q&A with German Session speaker)
R2-05.  Dr. Konstantin Livanov, OrelTech“OrelTech – Advanced metallization technology“
R2-06.  MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION, Iodi DOI, “Development of Flexible and Stretchable Epoxy Films for Printed Electronics Applications“
R2-07. Yamagata University YU-FIC, Prof. Tadahiro FURUKAWA, “Introduction of YU-FIC “Consortium based on printing and roll-to-roll technologies““

R2-08.  Inuru GmbH, Marcin Ratajczak, “Easy integrable smart packaging and labels made with printed electronics“
R2-09. Kurt-Schwabe-Institut for Measuring and Sensor Technology Meinsberg e.V.,  Dr. Caroline Murawski, “Towards interfacing the brain with flexible organic LEDs“
R2-10. Kyushu University and OPERA SOLUTIONS Inc., Dr. Kentaro HARADA, “The art of prototyping – OPERA SOLUTIONS Inc.“
R2-12.  Organic Electronics Saxony, Jitka Barm,“NE4Health project overview“
R2-13.  Saxony Economic Developement Corporation, Armin Reith, “Saxony as a world leading Microelectronics and ICT location”
R2-14. Umi-HotaruClaudio Flores, “Umi-Hotaru: Bio-inspired OLED”
R2-15. microfluidic ChipShop, Dr. Holger Becker, “High resolution, low cost electrodes in microfluidics – an unsolved problem”
11:25 CET/19:25 JST Conclusion (Dr. Gronarz and Prof. Takahashi) (including photo chance)
11:30 CET/19:30 JST End of Symposium                  


Dr. Dominik Gronarz, Organic Electronic Saxony e.V. (OES)
Prof. Tatsuhiro Takahashi, Yamagata University
Language:  English